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Love it

Me encanta!! Mi único problema es que tardan mucho para hacer nuevos niveles. Es adictivo!!

Love game


Keeps hanging

This is very unlikely for an iOS app to keep crashing. I love the game but it keeps hanging

Addictive and Fun

Simple concept to the game, but challenging and fun. Addictive. Definitely find myself finishing a level and then saying, “ just one more!” Small fee to remove the ads, and it’s even better. I also like that if you get stuck on a level, there’s a simple way to get a hint without have to buy it. Great job putting this app together!

Fun and challenging

Thus is the only game I play on my iPhone 4s. I like the progressive introduction of obstacles, and the animation is good. Sometimes it freezes or doesn’t load properly but killing the app and starting it up again always works. I’m looking forward to more levels coming.

Just a few suggestions

1. Gay and Lesbian couples 2. More outfits! 3. Make it more tricky, I’m sure everyone’s up for the challenge. 4. Tone the ads down a bit.

Good game but ads

Ok! I’ll keep it short and sweet. The game itself is fun and easy to play. It’s addicting and passes the time really well. Only issue is that ads. If you lose, there’s an ad. If you win, there’s an ad. Sometimes (not a joke) there are ads after an ad. It’s ridiculous. I get that there is a paid version with no ads, but the amount of ads in this game is ridiculous. I also get that this game is doing well so the developers want to make money, but still, sooooo many ads and I just wish the developers could lessen it, even a little

Puzzle Fun

Lots of different levels to solve - some easy, some challenging, very few frustrating so far. Enjoy!

U stealinz

This is stealing from snipperclips.


These ads are terrible and need to be reduced I cant play one level without getting an ad pop up.

The game is great but...

It’s continuously crashing after an ad or when you hit the “retry” button. Please fix it. Thank you!

Excellent game TOTALLY inappropriate ads

I have paid for this game however the ads for other games are extremely inappropriate for kids. Which is too bad because I think this is an educational game but the cartoon ads with sexual content are almost designed to lure children. Shame on you.

Love it!

I love this cute game. Easy to play but challenging too. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the constant ads. At times you will so many I just shut off the game. Yes I could pay for no ads but for someone like me on a extremely tight budget that’s not an option. So I play the ads get annoying the I’m done for a while.

NEEDS more levels

Cmon guys add more levels pleeeeeez!!



Drowning in adds but it’s fine

I would give five stars and I loveeeeee this game but I was thinking like a wedding dress and a men suit for weddings and I hate the adds when I join a level first it puts a add It is so annoying like I know it’s hard to do all this but please just try and I really like them but maybe you can make a thing when you join a level have little tabs that say easy medium or hard I know it is a lot but please it is really annoying and goodbye I know it is long but thank you for spending your time with me

Very addictive

Can’t stop playing

It’s great

I like it it’s great

Great game

Unfortunately the updates don’t happen weekly. It’s been 4 weeks since the last update with additional levels has come out. Too bad.


There are so many ads in this game that it’s impossible to play! >:(

Not bad and stop these ADS!!!!!!!

I love the concept, it has so much potential to be that game you cannot stop playing. However, I feel like the levels are just Too easy - well, at least the progress of level difficulty is Too slow. I started playing this game and I’m sure I passed at least 100 levels - but it’s still so easy! I got bored because of it and stopped playing. All of the levels from 1st to 100th take me like 1 minute to solve - No difference. Also what’s with the ads???? they are just ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. What do you want people? Why do I have to see like 5 ads a minute? I would Watch an ad like every 10 levels or so, No problem, but since you want me to Watch them every second, I have my solution - I just turn off the wifi when I play your game - so No matter how many ads you try to show me, you’re not gonna get the money. Just make ads show less frequently!!! I won’t turn off the wifi then and you will actually get some money Instead of nothing!

Long ads ruin the fun

Love the challenge of the game but the long frequent ads are usually the reason I quit or choose not to even play.

Not the best game

This game is kind of fun. But it isn’t the best game. It has to be more interesting.😕


Cute game. I really liked having to think about my next move. But the advertising was so unbearable, I deleted. I know it’s in every free app, but this seemed like way more. Each move is fast and there was an ad between every one. And not only that, the ad on repeat for me was an app called “episode” which was so bad. I would never be able let my kid play. Oh well. Another one bites the dust.

Love balls

Love this game just wished there was more levels

Great work! 😊

I love this app I’m addicted to it it’s so amazing and I’m a natral LOL 🦋😊

I love!

I love this game it is a really great way to pass the time! The only thing that could be better if they put up less ads there’s so many ads it make me mad but other than that I love this game!


It’s fun, but the ads make me not want to even play it. It’s like after every single level and it'll be the same stupid ad 10 times in a row.


Relative games

Love Balls

Love balls is one of my favorite games on this device. It is interesting and there’s always something new.🙂

Ads and crashes

Game itself is fun, constant ads after almost every level regardless of fail/win. App itself keeps lagging and crashing.


Hello stars is copying you soooooo hard but yea greate game

Cute game. Very aggressive advertisements. I bought the ad-free version because I liked it.

I bought the ad-free option and got to play 400? Levels before the “rate this game or else we stop adding new levels” statement started popping up. They meant it. Okey-doke.


I really love this game, at times it becomes obsessive. Keep up with the GREAT work!

Too much adds

Too much adds

Needs more levels

It’s really hard to stay into this game when you have to wait weeks for new levels to come out. And I’ve paid for this game so I don’t even get ads, and I don’t even get to play the game except for like one day a week if that. You get daily challenges, but after five minutes it’s like, move onto a different game. I’ve almost deleted the app because this annoys me so much. However, the games are great when they’re there. I’m confused why they have so few levels when that’s kind of the bread and butter of a game. Especially when that’s the number one complaint on here.

Love balls

The most creative yet simple task. Getting these love balls together. I like it!

Love Balls

Fun game! Challenging but keeps you interested


The game super cute, addicting and fun. I think it’s the best of this style of puzzle game. But the ads, guys omg. Every other level. And the levels are quick, you blow through them, so to hit an ad so frequently, usually makes me close it out after a couple levels.

Game is fun, but it’s a bit stereotypical

I have a problem with the two characters because not all females like the color pink and not all males like the color blue. Yes the game is super fun and challenging, but I find it stereotypical. If you could make skin changes for the two main characters. Also I’d like it if there could be a mix of genders. Thank you

Game ads ads ads ads ads game ads ads ads ads ads

The sheer amount of ads is overwhelming. It’s a fun little game, but you have to watch sooooooooooo many ads, all of them dual layered.....wait for ad to end, hit x, ad still has a second section, wait.....hit x. Play one level, or maybe a couple of attempts, new set of ads.

How can I be out of levels already?

I love this game. Addictive. Challenging but not impossible.


Can’t wait for more levels

Great But…

I Love The Game,And Play It All The Time!It’s So Addicting(To Me Obviously)But I Wish It Can Show More Diversity,Like Why A Man And Woman?I Wish We Can Choose Like A Girl And A Girl Or A Boy And A Boy.Even A Nonbinary Person With A Boy Or Girl,Or Even Intersex!Maybe Even Genderfluid Or Genderqueer…?That’s All I’m Asking,As I Myself Are In The LGBTQ+ Community.I Get If You Don’t Wanna If You Don’t Support It Or Just Don’t Have The Time,I’m Just Asking This For The Diversity!Anyways, For That I Give It A 4/5, But It Is Still Awesome And I Totally Recommend It! With All Regards, An Addict Of This Game❤️❤️


Who yea baby! That’s what I’m talking about 5 stars the first nanosecond I start the app! Well I wrote this to tell you Can you please hurry up on making the feature to create your own levels! What I’m saying is that like don’t lower it to 365 days to 55 days. I’m just saying like lower it from 365 days to 290 days plz I just wanted to say that over all its PERFECT but ye thanks for reading this BYE!!!!


This game is addictive can’t stop playing it

Ads for Violent Games

Cool game. Too bad for the ads of other violent games. Hostage situation, gun held to lady’s head, Love Balls deleted.

Very fun game

I just with it had more levels more often. Very addicting game.

Better than most of these

This is better than many of the other physics balls games. However, I’ve become very frustrated with their unwillingness to add new levels. For a while new levels were added regularly. Now once a week or so, we get an update claiming “daily challenges available!” even though they’ve been available for a long time now. And every update offers absolutely nothing new. It’s a huge tease to see that there’s an update when they really didn’t do anything. Please stop doing updates unless you’re actually going to add levels. I realize that all of the effort is going into that new Love Shots game, which is absolutely silly and not very fun at all. Please don’t forget about this game.


when i first got this app i was thrilled to play and it was engaging and i enjoyed the updates. they say they add new levels every week.... it’s been over a month since there have been new levels..

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