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Too repetitive.

It got old after doing the same thing on different looking places. I didn’t like it.

Too many adds

The adds were TERRIBLE. Game was good, the 10% chance you could play. 90% adds.


I hate ads and this app has a lot of them. Every time I go to a different level there is an ad. Every time I mess up and start again there is an ad. NO MORE ADS!!!!!! Just take at least half the ads of the game and I would give this a five star rating!!!!

Cool game but...

Game is cute and fun but ads are unbearable and so frequent it’s borderline unplayable...

Make a paid version please!

Please make a paid version so those that would rather pay for the app and have no ads can have the option! I love this game, so much, but the ads are insanely annoying.

Love it!!!!

It’s so cool no viruses or bugs whoever made this needs a big hug

Needs iCloud save

It's a good game that I would play more if I can save my progress on iCloud so that I can play it on more than 1 device.

Too many ads

Love the game so cute and entertaining. But way too many ads!! The level itself takes only but 2 seconds just to be followed by a 30 sec ads is very annoying!! Makes me not want to play. I only played two or three times and was so frustrated with the amount of ads. Ridiculous!

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Love balls

This is the best game ever can’t believe this app makes me play on it every day !

Always room for improvement

I love this game it is addictive although with a phone it’s hard to draw lines correctly. What I think would be could would be the option for gay couples I don’t know it just would be cool or am I just being too picky.

Fun but not challenging

Most of the levels are too easy and there are way too many ads

Too many ads

Fun game but waaaaaay too many ads. And they’re all interactive and force you to play games that you’re not interested in.


So Cute! It’s amazing! So glad yall made this!

Soooo much fun!

The game is difficult but not so much that you lose interest.. exciting to beat the levels and see what kind of thinking you’ll do next!

Love Balls

I like this game but it’s a little hard, and it makes me really angry sometimes. Although it’s so stress relieving when you finally realize you got it right with all 3 stars. Its not a 5-star game, but it’s a close 4. ☺️


The amount of ads make this game unplayable in an otherwise fun game. Doing a 5 second level to watch 10-30 seconds of ads is nonsense.


It’s really convincing to me to get a boyfriend

Love love love this game

This is such a fun, addictive game. I binge played. It’s much easier with a stylus than trying to use your finger because sometimes your lines need to be perfectly placed! I hope they add a thousand more levels!


Challenging but fun.

Love buy....

I really like the game but the ads are ridiculous! An ad for every level? Kind of annoying

Love balls

This game is the best

Bruh, where are the levels???

Dude I like the game but there’s only twelve levels, so until there are a billion levels I’m rating it bad. #NEEDSMORELEVELSSSS

Very fun and educational

Teaches physics and engineering with play.

Love balls

Fun game but some time you have to have the new levels come sooner or later.😁

Stash Ad

When the stash ad appears it takes me directly to download the app, and when I close it and open love balls back up the stash ad is still there and you cant get back into the game without exiting and restarting. FIX YOUR ADS!

Love Balls

This game is fun. It keeps kids entertained. I like the music.

Love it so much

This game is the best game ever and it will keep me playing it for the day and I will never forget about it omg it will never go away again and I mean it

Love balls

Caution don’t play this game it’s awesome 😎

Th lov ball gam

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Love it!

I love it so much. It works my mind and makes me happy! ❤️😋


I love this game and it’s cute but it needs more levels how is that hard I literally only finished in like 5 min

Super Tapx Limited....

There is literally a ad after every.single.level! How do get anything done? And also, just we don’t have the same strategy as you, doesn’t mean you give ONE STAR! Definition of creativity, please!


Way to many

Taylor is good with me playing it👍🏾👍🏾🤳🏾


Super cute!

This game is adorable.

To many adds and it lags a lot

This is a great game I love it it’s just to many adds and it lags a lot like after each add plays it lags so much to the point where the pen ain’t even working good


Love balls

Just to let you know there is a rip off verision of this game

There is a boot leg version of love balls with "love Balls UPGRADE"


Hey I love

Too many ads

Some are a minute or two long! Erased it immediately.

Too many ads. Deleting the game.

Way too many ads. Not worth it to wade through 3min of ads for a 10sec level.

Meep 😒

Yes it’s ok I guess but there r so manny add! It SO Annoying! I got bored of it rlly quickly. Also it’s a rip off a brain dots (witch is way better) plz take this into thought.


So it sad ‘ADS not available’ so I can’t get hints on the ones I’m stuck at😡 and I’m on my iPad over all it’s a fun game good if ur mad or want some fun I think it’s amazing but my only problem is the hint


I love this game so much an it is Avery very good game

Great game but come on

I loved the game, well up until now. Even with the hint level 82 isn’t working. I know what I have to do but the ball doesn’t have enough power the get over the hill. Hope you fix, but still I love the game great work.


this game is awesome

Best game I’ve ever played

Two thumbs up!

Love Balls

Love balls is sooo much fun I just wish the balls don’t explode on the floor/wall

Great game

If you have some time to kill then this is the game for you. It’s challenging and fun at the same time. I really enjoy this game.

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